Unravel the Secrets of Your “iPhone”

Apple is one of the best known, most imitated, and most admired companies on earth. Since the buzz about the entry of their iPhone in the market, designers have worked harder to make it stay longer, amidst the very strong competition. Given the different and the latest models of different phones, having each one them promise the best of everything for the consumers, people end up in confusion which one is indeed worthy of their money, and can provide them just what they need from a mobile device. With all the advances in the new technology, all of them seem to be the “perfect” one. But good thing that consumers are smart enough to be hesitant, and consider the different factors to make informed choices and end up having a mobile device that best suits them. In lieu with this, the competition between iPhone and Android has never been so intense as it is at present. But we will give you five reasons, enough reasons why an iPhone remains to be the better choice.

Considering of buying a Smartphone is one big decision to make. It may also involve choosing your carrier, plan, and a minimum contract period. The majority of buyers would end up choosing an operating system, it’s either Android or iPhone, running iOS. Given this, how would you know which one is the right one? Here are the five reasons that you may consider to end up with the right choice.

5 Reasons Why “iPhone” is the Better Phone

UI Response and Lag

If you’ve had various mobile phones in the past, you would surely understand the value of having a smooth and responsive UI, and this is what an iPhone can guarantee. Every mundane task that you may have taken for granted, like scrolling your FB page, responding to an email, or looking up for a phone number is silky smooth.

Too Many Handsets

The wide array of phones sporting the Android system creates confusion to many people. In addition, the name also becomes obscure with only letters and words like “Galaxy” or “Droid” and screen size to differentiate models. Apple on the other hand, is a one-size-fits-all device that is only released every 12 months or so. The company itself devotes their precious time to only one product and the multi-device iOS operating system that is used in every iPhone.

Update Cycles

Nowadays, there are just too many Android phones in the market, and many of them are running an outdated version of the operating system. The problem with the release of 12 phones in a year is that, people would probably not see a single update anymore, partly because of the perceived cost of updating an old device.

Preloaded Crapware

Android phones come with some sort of custom interface to make life easier. But the thing is, in the long run, these interfaces, slow down the upgrade process as they would introduce more work for the developers. They may also bloat and slow down the devices. On the other hand, Apple was stubborn over crapware since it announced its iPhone, thus ensuring a smooth experience.


What Android users need to worry about is malware. This has always been a problem, especially in the year 2011.

Your All-in-One Mobile Device is Here!

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